About Dr. Jain

about-jainDr Jain’s openness is felt by his patients. “I want to be there for my patients like I would be there for my sister or my mother. When people come here, they should be able to feel open with their doctor so that we can treat them effectively.”

That sense of family goes beyond the time he spends with his patients. He brings a spiritual side to his practice, too. His family includes his wife and three kids.

Jain said his practice is based on the ABCs. “I believe in being available for the patient, in behavior that is open and warm with the patient and being competent to deal with the problem. You have to be highly competent and that is my strongest quality. But that doesn’t come overnight. It’s a process.”

Dr. Jain is very safe and conservative in his approach.  He believes in safe practice and he does not believe in pushing pills on patients.  He is especially cautious when prescribing addictive medicines.

Dr. Jain is Board Certified  in American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology-Adult Psychiatry; , American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Forensic Psychiatry; American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology-Pain Medicine and American Board of Disability.   Dr Jain have received numerous awards and recognition.  Dr. Jain held senior position at various leading institutes.  He currently is a leader in Medical community and had held position as an elected Delegate of the Medical Society. Dr. Jain has been Chairman of West Penn-Forbes Hospital Psychiatry, Medical Director of Allegheny East MHMR, Medical Director at UPMC Facility, Medical Director of Geriatric Services, Chief of State Mental Hospital as well as Founder of Best rural Federal clinic psychiatric services.  He is currently holding position as Executive Medical Director of a premier hospital.  Dr. Jain has done extensive research in Addiction and published a doctorate thesis titled “Psychiatric Comorbidity for Heroin Dependants”

Dr. Jain did his Psychiatry Residency from University of Texas, Houston and was the top resident doctor and served as Chief Resident in the program. Dr. Jain published numerous articles, journals, books and engaged in many community awareness programs.  He is widely acknowledged for his compassionate care, family like approach for caring.  He is very much appreciated for his teaching skills and modern approach to treating patients.

Psychiatric Solutions is one of the very few in State of Texas which provides comprehensive Forensic services including Court Case, Workmen Comp, Disability Evaluations, Social Security, Custody Evaluations, Child Protective Services, Civil and Criminal cases defense, Veteran disability Evaluations, School and work related evaluations, Drug Court Cases, Anger Management and court mandated counseling.

Psychiatric Solutions is pioneer in providing Trancranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), a novel treatment for multiple conditions which may include Major Depression, Chronic Pain, ADHD, Dementia, Bipolar, Panic, Anxiety Disorder, Obesity, multiple Medical problems.

Finally Dr. Jain believe in providing prompt and high quality Concierge care in highly empathetic manner

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At this time, Psychiatric Solutions PC is no longer accepting any new patients.
We thank you and appreciate your understanding and patience. Please call Urban Balance at (214) 585-5595 for services in this location.


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