Written by: Katie Heaney Read the original article here. The other day, a friend called me on the phone to complain about another friend — a cherished hobby for us both. In 2019, or any year before it, the inciting event would have been an inoffensive request: My friend’s friend invited my friend to dinner. More specifically, dinner at a restaurant, indoors, with 15 or so guests. The...

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Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) means stimulating the brain directly using small electrical fields. TMS has been proven safe and can be very effective. Totally non-invasive method and a non-drug option, TMS only influences the brain and does not alter the rest of the body’s chemistry.  In fact, by reestablishing the Neuro-Chemical balance, it stabilizes the whole mind-body integration. TMS is highly effective therapy which reaches...

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For the past three months, Dr. Ashok Jain has been doing what he can to make people feel comfortable when they go to Mon-Yough Community Services. As the facility's new medical director, he said Mon- Yough is the largest provider of mental health services in Allegheny County. "We can bring up a person's quality of life by offering them the services they need right here." The mental...

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At this time, Psychiatric Solutions PC is no longer accepting any new patients.
We thank you and appreciate your understanding and patience. Please call Urban Balance at (214) 585-5595 for services in this location.


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