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Psychiatric Solutions PC

is the leading provider to psychiatry services including treatment for the whole spectrum of psychiatric illnessess including Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Addiction, Psychosis, Dementia, ADHD, Test Opposition Defiant Disorder etc. We care of all age groups ranging from young Children to Geriatric population.

Psychiatric Soltions PC is one of the state of the art facility to assist Work related Injuries, EAP, disability assistance for employees, Forensic Psychiatry and general work related psychiatric help.

Psychiatric Solutions PC believes in giving quick appointment to patients and provide empathic care like family members.

Ashok Jain, MD is renowned Board Certified Psychiatrist rendering care at Psychiatric Solutions PC.

We are accepting new patients.

We are one of the very few who accept Medicaid and Medicare in SW Houston Area.

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Patient Success Stories

There is no match to the loving and compassionate caring physician like him!

He is very personable, caring, compassionate, educated and actually tells you that he treats you like his family (we felt it deeply). Our insurance didn't pay on flimsy grounds and he helped us get it waived with his administrator. He explained our condition well and also has excellent office staff and services. It won't be unreasonable to say that he saved our family and my life. We picked up Dr. Jain after researching many psychiatrist in 25 mile radius, by far he appeared to be most qualified, accessible and professional. Our experience far exceeded out expectations. We had so many bills and his practice was very helpful in dealing with our despicable insurance and charged us barely minimum. We couldn't believe it! We saw in his waiting room, people coming from 150 miles away, just to see him and get treatment as they failed many other psychiatrist. My condition was advanced and my previous three psychiatrist almost gave up on me, but he saved us. God bless him, he is Amazing!


Larkin in needville, TX

I've been seeing Dr Jain for 5 years. He's always been kind and helpful. He truely cares about my well being.


Breanne in Sealy, TX

From the beginning hes been a savor. His kindness, understanding and compassion have meant so much. I have done nothing but improve since I've been with him and hope to continue.


Emit in Sugar Land, TX

Dr. Jain is really good at what he does. He is a good listener and he tries his best to help his patients. Other doctors don't listen to their patients; but Dr. Jain does and that is a good thing. My husband and I have been coming to Dr.Jain for a while now and we have yet to be disappointed. He doesn't treat his patients like patients as most doctors, he treats them like family. He tries his best to give the right medication based on his patient needs if it is needed.


Robbie in Sugar Land, TX

Dr. Jain, when I first got here I was a total mess. I was in denial about my illness. I was rebellious in the beginning and disliked him. But now that I have been coming for a while; I can now say I love Dr. Jain and he has helped me tremendously. Coming to see Dr. Jain he has helped me with my illness; I even got employee of the month at my job. I am OCD and it is now under control now that I have been coming to him. I will highly recommend him to others that need help. He is a good listener.


Lisa in Sugar Land, TX

Dr. Jain changed my life! I was feeling depressed and hopeless but now I'm doing great thanks to Dr. Jain. I had tried several antidepressants that previous Doctor's had prescribed me and nothing worked. Dr. Jain knew immediately what medication would work for ME! He really knows his stuff whereas other Doctor's were just guessing what medication to put me on.He doesn't judge you and makes you feel like you're the most important person in the world. I love Dr. Jain and his staff! He is the BEST!


Important Announcement:

At this time, Psychiatric Solutions PC is no longer accepting any new patients.
We thank you and appreciate your understanding and patience. Please call Urban Balance at (214) 585-5595 for services in this location.


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